Water Solutions for the Mining Industry

Clarifier installed at a plant

High Density Sludge (HDS) Treatment

Soluble metal compounds from ore and waste rock (commonly known as acid mine drainage (AMD)) as well as the presence of other contaminants in industrial process water can result in the generation of metal contaminated wastewater.

Ecodyne uses lime treatment to neutralize the wastewater pH which generates a sludge which must them be dewatered and managed to minimize storage needs and dewatering capabilities.

The Process

  1. Wastewater is mixed with lime / limestone in a reactor and pumped into the Reactivator Clarifier/Thickener to promote solid/liquid separation resulting in clarified water in the effluent and a sludge at the lower portion of the unit.
  2. The clarified water is then processed through an Ultrafiltration system to remove any remaining particulates and then through a Reverse Osmosis system for demineralization if needed to meet discharge limits.
  3. The sludge from the clarifier is typically sent to a filter press for dewatering thus creating a filter cake for solids disposal.  The filtrate is sent back to the EQ tank for reprocessing or to discharge holding pond.

Technologies Used